Stress Management for our Extreme Response Partners.

Thankful for Extreme Response for making us a part of Stress Management Seminar Workshop. This is helpful for us.

Empowering Young Leaders

Youth mobilization is committed to empower young leaders. Young leaders who have great and powerful vision, life-changing message and enthusiasm to reach their goals. This year, Youth Mobilization is geared up to training and mentoring young leaders.

YM Shares the love day with children of Abot Pag-ibig

Abot Pag-ibig. Producing hopeful kids through values formation Today is valentines day. And today Youth Mob shared the love with kids in Abot Pag-ibig by telling them how special they are in God. They learned to value themselves as they are.

Two of Teachers will go for training this April.

Youth Mobilization will be sending two workers for Teachers' Training on April. Josie and Lerma are currently working as teachers. And for them to be part of this training will help them to be more effective in serving kids in our projects. This is a two week training to enhance their teaching skills.

You can help us by either praying with us and/or by helping us to raise the funds we need to cover the training fees. Please pray with us as we send these two workers. Please pray for strength, wisdom and provision.

For more information on how you help us to send these workers to training, you can email us at:

Both of them have passion is to educate children and God grant their desire as they are currently working as teachers in Youth Mobilization's project. Let us continue to support Josie and Lerma as they are aspiring to be better in their teaching skills to improve their service to children by either praying for strength and wisdom and by donating fin…

Youth Mobilization Celebrate Christmas with Abot Pag-ibig Kids.

We are overwhelmed to see how kids of Abot Pag-ibig Project enjoyed the party. They played games and received awesome prizes. They also received gifts of toys, Hygiene kit and school supplies. Even their parents were so happy to see their kids enjoying the party. This party is a great start to introduce the Abot Pag-ibig project to kids and their parents. And we are so thankful to people, friends and partners who donated gifts and volunteered themselves to this project. You made this Christmas celebration meaningful to the kids.

Youth Mobilizatiion Christmas Party for Abot Pag-ibig kids

Abot Pag-ibig Registration for Christmas Party

Youth Mobilization will start Abot Pag-ibig (A Values Formation Program) with a Christmas Party this coming December 22nd. We went and visit children to their houses for us to get their names and some important information we need for upcoming Christmas Party. It is a humble experience for the team to see their situation and to hear their stories. Both children and their parents are excited to join the Christmas Party. It is an awesome thing for the team to feel their excitement. Even the Barangay Captain expressed his gratitude that we could be able to share the joy of Christmas in their community.

Please pray with us for this wonderful opportunity to connect with children. We value any help you can extend to us. Thank you for your partnership. I will post more stories about this program soon.